A day in the life of a poet

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The title of this post should actually read:

A day in the life of a poet publishing a collection of poetry

Today is Saturday, and one of my more productive days when it comes to the writing and editing of my books. This is mostly the case because for all the others days of the week, except Sunday, I am busy with my vocation, my work, and do not have much time for my personal projects. My week is thus a finely-tuned routine of: wake up, work, eat, work, gym, eat, shower, read, sleep. Add copious amounts of coffee in between and that’s the week for me. Of course there are other things that happen during the week but this is the general structure of my week. Sad, perhaps, but true, for many, oh yes.

Now that that is out of the way, today is Saturday and, I have more time to pursue my other passions.

Weekends and following your dreams

Currently, and for the last year, I spend most weekends editing my first series of poetic books, Thoughts Discovered, along with all the other things that come with being a writer and self-publishing a book. I am now in the final stretch of this fantastic journey, with the release of the final volume in the series, the fifth, Greater Things.

Only a week after publishing the fourth volume, The Wonder of It All, I had already printed the first draft of Greater Things, and now in the second week I am well into the first pass of the editing phase. Even during my tightly packed weeks I still try to edit each day, even if it is only a poem or two per day.

The adventure continues

With that said I am off to a favourite coffee shop of mine, where I will sip on that fine dark brew, and get some work done, and hopefully by next weekend I will have done the edits and have the second draft in my hands.

My plan is to have the series published by the end of 2014, and in two weeks time it is Nanowrimo, so I better get cracking.