All Roads Lead To Roam (Nanowrimo 2013 Novel)

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Nanowrimo 2013 Novel - All Roads Lead To Roam

After much consideration I have decided to change the title of the book that I am currently writing, for this year’s Nanowrimo challenge, from “A World At End” to “All Roads Lead To Roam”.

I like this new title a lot more actually, even thought the previous title has its appeal too. To me “All Roads Lead To Roam” leaves the story more open for my imagination to wander wide and far and also for the reader to ponder its meaning, instead of me telling them outright what the story is all about in the title.

What do you think?

Also, I am using Wattpad to write the story, which means that you can follow it as I write it, discovering with me the characters and the deepening story as I uncover it from my imagination and beyond.