Japan – Tokyo Massive

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Thursday, 14 April 2016. If you are looking to get lost somewhere, to rid yourself of the mundane and familiar, to break free from your daily routine, then Tokyo is the perfect place to be. Although, everything in Tokyo is made to its most compact and efficient form, everything is indeed big in Japan, specifically, … Read More

Japan – Tour 2016 – Research, done from the perspective of a South African, on a budget

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Here, as promised, follows a list of the research done for my upcoming, three month, tour of Japan. The research is done from the perspective of a South African travelling to Japan, which I am, and so a lot of the information is applicable to South Africans but it will be able to assist most other … Read More

Travel more, write more, blog more about it

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So, I have decided to write more, to travel more, to blog more. For one, this will be a build up to my trip to Japan, documenting the planning and research I am doing to make it happen, specifically from a South African perspective, and possibly helping  others, as a guide, who wish to do … Read More

Japan Calling

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I have finally taken the plunge and will be travelling to Japan in 2016, for 3 months. This has been a desire of mine for many years and thus, after working full-time as a Programmer for the last 13 years without a longer break than 3 weeks, I have decided to take a longer break … Read More

Endings and Beginnings

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The last few months of 2013 was a hectic rush of nonstop busyness for me, up to the point where I just wanted to get away from it all. Apart from the late nights at work, trying to meet seemingly impossible deadlines, and then returning to work the following day, trying to cram every last … Read More