Crowd-funding campaign – Update 2 – Is it the end already?

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Incoming transmission…

The planning of the Thoughts Discovered: Complete crowd-funding campaign has been going well but…

But after working out how much it would cost to achieve the goal of hiring a range of professionals in aiding to the project I realised that I would most probably not be able to get enough people to share in my vision and in turn to get enough funds to pull it off.

That being said, I am still going ahead with creating the Thoughts Discovered: Complete book, but I will be doing it on my own steam again and funding it in the same way as I have with the previous books of the series.

Maybe one day I will find a publisher, or run another crowd-funding campaign that will allow me to add the visual touches to the book that will really make it stand, or perhaps it is really just the words that matter and they will be found by those who need to find them.

So stay tuned for Thoughts Discovered: Complete. It is coming your way in the not-too-distant future!

Starr out.