Intentional Blogging Month

Categories: Thoughts

I have taken up the challenge set by author and blogger Jeff Goins to be intentional about blogging, and to do this every day, for 21 days, during the month of October.

This is the first day of the challenge and it has been somewhat frustrating, with work-related matters, but we need not let life’s struggle get us so down that we miss the other great opportunities that life is offering us, admits the storms and woes we face.

Other than stress-inducing work challenges, I have set my sights on the final volume of the Thoughts Discovered series, Greater Things, and will start work on it this coming weekend.

Did I mention that I am doing Nanowrimo again this year? Yup, I am crazy to do it again but what a fulling and growing experience it is for a writer. I would recommend it to anyone who wants to write a book, or is currently writing a book, to join the challenge with countless other writers around the world, to really get a vast amount of your thoughts out on paper in a relatively short span of time, 50000 words to be extact, and to advance the dream of publishing a novel. Add me as a Writing Buddy on my Nanowrimo Profile and I’m sure to add you back.

So check back here everyday, for the next 21 days, to get a first hand account of my everyday adventures and my quest to inspire and encourage others through poetry and other works of the imagination.