Is a man by any other name still that man?

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After having written the beginning parts of “All Roads Lead To Roam”, over the weekend, and having introduced two of the main characters, I have come to a decision last night, somewhere between being awake and asleep, of changing the character’s names. Because of the nature of writing a story it is inevitable that names could change but the interesting part here is that I am posting the story as I write it and anyone following the story, if there is any, would be quite confused at the change because not only do I want to change the main characters’ names but I want to swap them. Yes, Rhoman will become Logan and Logan will become Rhoman. As annoying and strange as it would be for the reader I feel this will be better for the greater story as the change of names will better fit the two characters. The new names give them each more of an air of intrigue and believability. Logan sounds to me more like strong young name, whereas Rhoman is a stronger name for an older man. Now I just need to find a word swap algorithm or regular expression to pull this whole magic show off without a fuss. What do you think of the change? Are you annoyed or elated?