Japan Calling

Categories: Thoughts, Travel

I have finally taken the plunge and will be travelling to Japan in 2016, for 3 months. This has been a desire of mine for many years and thus, after working full-time as a Programmer for the last 13 years without a longer break than 3 weeks, I have decided to take a longer break this year and to tour Japan. It will be a costly endeavour, and there are many pitfalls and challenges along the way, even more so for a South African travelling around the world, but it is a challenge that I am more than willing to take.

I will, mostly, be travelling by foot and bicycle whenever I can, in order to experience Japan on the ground, to discover its essence, its people, its culture, its environments and its landscapes, its very heart.

It will no doubt be an other-worldly experience and I look forward in putting, all that I have learned in life, my abilities,  my knowledge and my skill, to the test. Travel expands your horizons and adds your being to another part of life, expanding it in the process.

Perhaps when I am done with my trip I will continue my travels elsewhere, a wandering knight-errant on a quest to discover and express life, a ronin-samurai searching new lands, seeking new adventures and aiding damsels in distress.

– Starr

p.s. Here is a poem, called Japan Calling, which I wrote somewhere in the middle of last year, as the urge to explore Japan was becoming ever stronger.

Japan is calling
and I must go,
to feel it deeply,
Nippon to roam,
to see the sun rising,
amidst the burning chrome,
but only for a short while,
Nihon will be my home.

– Japan Calling by S. Tarr