The Journey – Straight Ahead

Categories: Thoughts, Travel

My planned trip to Japan is now only slightly more than two months away. I have done extensive research online, finding many travel guides and recommended places to visits and sights to see, and have been compiling a list of my findings and what I would need to make a trip of 3 months possible.

As it stands, the South African Rand is doing pretty badly against the Japanese Yen, and has been on a downward spiral for the last few months. It is currently sitting at 7.20 to the Rand. This is troubling news for any traveller and I can only hope that things go a bit better with the exchange rate when my journey begins.

Besides the woes and worries of  money, I am still very much bogged down at work with a massive project that I have been working on for the last4 months, which is due to go live in March. After this project, I will surely need a break, to clear my head and to lessen the hectic pace that this technological age has thrust upon us.

The end is in sight!

I shall now grace you with some of my research thus far, in a subsequent post. Shortly.

– Starr