Onward to The Dark Tower

Categories: Thoughts

If this is how things are going to go then Nanowrimo month is going to be more like Nonowrimo. Work is incredibly demanding at this stage, has it ever not been, and is wearing me out quite a bit.

I am a web programmer by profession, with front-end development being my specialty, and have recently taken on a number of back-end development projects, which have proved to be challenging, to say the least. Programming is a mental game and therefore has the ability of straining and numbing the mind if faced with constant complex problems.

With that I also have a routine of going to the gym three times a week and I’ve been struggling these last few weeks. So currently my mind and body is taking a beating leaving my soul to carry the fire, and carry the fire I will.

I was planning on updating my About section today but I am too tired to do that right now. Besides I am busy reading Wolves of the Calla, the fourth volume in Stephen King‘s epic series The Dark Tower. I’ve become quite a fan of the series, ya ken?

p.s. I’ll edit the typos a bit later, there might be a few.