The Next Chapter

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Where one story ends and another begins is hard to tell but what is known is that each forms part of a greater story being told. A chapter experienced in a moment of time.

Since my last post a lot has changed, specifically geographically and career wise. My wife and I were living in Cape Town, South Africa, and then decided to move to Japan for a while, arriving just in time for the 2019 Rugby World Cup to take place across Japan. We stayed in Tokyo for around a month and then moved further south to the island of Kyushu and the city of Fukuoka. After a bit of house searching, we found a nice place near the mountains and a small river next door, around 10kms from the city center. My wife found a few part-time jobs and I continued working as a freelance front-end developer, working for various clients around the world.

The money I earned during this time was good but, due to the nature of working for yourself, I ended up working day and night, and often on weekends, building up a fair amount of stress in the process. We travelled around the island during this time too, visiting Nagasaki, Beppu, Mayzaki, Saga and Kumamoto, and also did a bicycle trip from our house to Itoshima, some 40kms away.

After about 2 years living in Fukuoka, with the time being mid 2021, a possible work opportunity arrived, and which I decided to pursue. The opportunity was for a front-end development position at a well-established international company, situated in Paris, France. After my wife and I discussed the possible move to France, I went through a series of interviews. A month or so later I received word back from the company that I had been selected for the position and our relocation process started.

Now, after 4 months of living and working in France, I have officially finished the government-required probation period and we are living a comfortable, although somewhat expensive, apartment near the Seine river. One of the things I always look for in an apartment is to have a sense of nature near to where we live. I need that break away from the city skyline and a moment to refresh and refocus in nature. We also go on regular cycling trips and walks in the nearby forests.

My new job has definitely lowered my stress levels, although it has its own challenges and things to overcome, and I once again have the time, and feel inspired, to pursue my other passions, that being writing and making music. My next album has been in production for longer than I wanted but I am finally now nearing its completion. On the writing side, I still need to delve back into my notes and finalise some thoughts, but this post ushers in the start to the next chapter of my writing adventure.

Stay tuned.

– Starr