The Pursuit

As we progress through life, our priorities often change.

I, having been single for most of my 35 years of life, was mostly always only focused on myself, my own wants and needs, my own future, my own path in life. Now that I have been in a relationship for the last year, my priorities have changed, a lot actually, and if there is one word that can describe my year of being in a serious relationship, to me this new and unknown experience, that the word would be “Pursuit”.

In general, the Pursuit is not necessarily about pursuing love, or someone to love, but rather that it encompasses all of the heart’s noble desires. That burning desire to achieve a certain goal, to reach a certain point, to live a certain life, to find success in whatever endeavour we set our bodies and minds to.

I have pursued many things in my life and still do. There will never just be a single thing or place we wish to reach or succeed in, in life. But perhaps every once in a lifetime, something comes along that demands all of our strength, focus, and attention, in order for us to achieve it. The other things that we were pursuing, then, must stand aside and lay in wait for the grand quest to be undertaken and completed before they again can be redeemed.

Now, that does not mean that they are forgotten or neglected, but rather that the Pursuit, this grand quest, should inspire an even greater passion and ideal when we do again embrace them, which may even happen as a side quest every once in a while.

So do not stop pursuing any of your dreams, for they each form part of your story and who you are to be at the end of your worldly stay.

– Starr