Thoughts Discovered: Love, Adventure and Other Noble Quests ebook temporarily unavailable

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That’s right, as the title of this dispatch says, the ebook of Thoughts Discovered: Love, Adventure and Other Noble Quests is temporarily unavailable, the Smashwords edition that is, due to me having added the ebook to the Kindle Select program. To be legible for the Kindle Select program the ebook may not be available anywhere else on the Net and I therefore chose to unpublish the Smashwords edition for now.

The Kindle Select program allows me to partake in Amazon’s Free Book Promotion, and which will enable the book to be free on Amazon for a limited time. I am hoping that this will increase the traction of my book as Amazon has a large user base and people generally look out for these free book promotions. Once the promotion period is over I shall republish the book on Smashwords and all be right in the world again.

If you were looking to download the book and were unable to do so then please follow me on Twitter or Facebook, or check back here in a short while, for updates on the Amazon promotion and how get your hands on a free copy.

– S.Tarr