The Thoughts Discovered series approaches its grand finale

The final volume of the Thoughts Discovered series, Greater Things, is nearing its completion. I am steadily revising and editing the final draft of the manuscript, in between the madness of work and the many end of year activities.

As I mentioned elsewhere, I aim to publish this book within the year, that being 2014, which roughly gives me 16 days to do it in. This deadline is really only my own personal goal and if I don’t get to publish it in the days to follow then there is always another day, and perhaps that would be for the best. Besides, our division of time into categories of years, is a construct that bears no efficacy outside of our own system of society and therefore has no actual effect on the content or potency of the book, or has it?

While you anxiously await the publication of this book, of Greater Things, why not revisit the previous volumes of the series, or if you are new to the series, start from the beginning and work your way through it, slowly building up to the end and that which may be beyond it.

All of the books in the Thoughts Discovered series are found here and can be downloaded for free.

Stay tuned for updates on the publication of the final volume.

– S.Tarr

p.s. I personally think these books make for a great gift, especially if you don’t know what gift to get the person, as many of the poems have a universal context and can be enjoyed by people from different walks of life, although it might be a bit late to get it as a Christmas gift now but there is always a birthday up ahead.