Thoughts Discovered: Volume Five, Greater Things, published

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And so it comes to pass, that all things in life, things both great and small, find their end, in the end. And with that dramatic entrance, I present to you Greater Things, the fifth and final volume in the Thoughts Discovered series.

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The publication of the Thoughts Discovered series has been a journey of much fulfilment, thorough enjoyment, continual learning and, ultimately, one of gratitude for the opportunity, the ability and the gift of being able to bring a creation, of the imagination and the mind, into the world. This is by no means the end of Thoughts Discovered, for I have a few ideas up my sleeve, one being, a crowdfunding campaign to produce a single book comprising of all the volumes, another, a movie, ok maybe not a movie, yet.

If you do download or buy the book, please let me know your thoughts and as always, I’d love to hear those thoughts that you, too, have discovered.