Thoughts Discovered: Volume Four, The Wonder of It All, published

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I am elated to announce the publication of The Wonder of It All, the fourth volume in my series of poetic books titled Thoughts Discovered. Both the ebook and paperback editions are available at these fine online stores:

Smashwords (free ebook edition)

Amazon (ebook edition)

Lulu (paperback edition)

It has been about two months since the publication of the third volume and these months were spent editing the text that I had already set out for this volume a year previously. I had initially planned on publishing Thoughts Discovered as one book but that proved a big task, and so decided on releasing each major section of the book as separate volumes instead. The complete Thoughts Discovered series thus comprises of five volumes of verse which I had written over the course of the last 10 years. Now with one more volume remaining, my goal is to publish the final volume by the end of 2014. But before that please enjoy The Wonder of It All.