Time Flies

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Tuesday, 12 July 2019

And just like that, more than a year has past since my last post. The title of that post was aptly named The Pursuit, and what a pursuit it has been.

Having returned to Japan twice during this time, we are currently residing in Cape Town, South Africa, more specifically Sea Point. Sea Point is one of the more expensive places to live in Cape Town, but it has everything we want for our lifestyle, the mountain and ocean right next to us, a nearby gym with a large swimming pool, and ample restaurants in the vicinity, including a number of Thai, Korean and Japanese restaurants, and Chinese shops that sell a range Asian food and ingredients for home cooking. One of our favourites also is a nearby Italian restaurant, owned and run by real Italians, albeit them being South African Italians.

The last few months have been challenging for both my wife and myself, with her not being able to work here, because she is still in South Africa on a tourist visa (which is a story for another time), and with me having to make sure we have enough money to live and also plan for the future. It is also our first year of marriage, which has the challenge of starting a life together with someone else, and in this case two people from completely different cultures and places of origin. We both have had to learn to give and receive, and to understand the mind and behaviour of another. It is still an ongoing journey but we made a decision to take it together and go wherever the path may lead us.

Apart from managing relationships, work has been challenging too, with some projects proving difficult and others taking longer than expected or starting later than planned. As a freelancer, this proves tricky because my monthly income is reliant timely projects and payment. Also taking on too many projects at a time has its impact. But I am thankful for having work to do, and so I work on diligently towards the goal. The goal you may ask? To have more free time to travel and explore and not worry about having enough money in the future. It is a vicious cycle I know but there is hope for success! The trick is to not give up.

– Starr

p.s This post actually took a year to write, as I never got around to finish it in one go. My wife is now back in Japan with me following shortly, after my certificate of eligibility has been approved. We will live there for a while and see where the next adventure leads us. I will keep you posted, eventually!