Travel more, write more, blog more about it

Categories: Thoughts, Travel

So, I have decided to write more, to travel more, to blog more.

For one, this will be a build up to my trip to Japan, documenting the planning and research I am doing to make it happen, specifically from a South African perspective, and possibly helping  others, as a guide, who wish to do a similar trip.

Another reason for my resolution is that I just really enjoy writing and expressing my journey through life in written form, and this is an excellent opportunity to do so.

So with those two main motivators, I invite you to follow my travels, no, to join me on my travels through the mystical dimension of transferred experience, and my hope is that together we shall both grow through this experience, of life, of travelling, of discovery, and of adding our unique chapters and characters to the grand story of life.

– Starr