What’s this all About?

Categories: Thoughts

See what I did there? Not? Ok fine, I guess you can’t read minds yet. That’s fine because I’ll tell you what this is all about, the About section on a blog is what I’m talking about.

Apparently the About page is high value real-estate for visitors to find out exactly who the author is and what they write about on their blog, but it is often neglected by the blogger or not used to its full potential. I tend to always go to the about section of a blog to see who is behind the words and if I can relate to them and their story.

With that in mind I gave my About section a reckoning and have updated it to be, hopefully, more epic and engaging to my would-be readers, leaving them with an idea of who I am, what I write about and what to expect from me in the future.

With that said, have a gander at my new and improved About page and let me know what you think.

Thankee sai! (I’ve clearly been reading too much Dark Tower)