Write on!

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Today is the 3rd of November 2013 and that means it is 3 days into the Nanowrimo. I am almost on target for the day, with about 500 words to go.

November started interestingly enough for me, with me having to work till about 2am last Thursday evening, the 31st of October. That meant that Friday, the 1st of November and the start of Nanowrimo, was somewhat of weary blur to me as I still had to be at work again at 8am and then, after all that madness, start writing my novel, with 1600 words to write per day.

I ended up leaving work a little earlier, around 4pm, and made my way to the Slug and Lettuce, a new pub that had opened recently and was relatively close by. I like going to places like that, beside the good food and great ale they served but, because there is always a buzz about the place with strange and interesting people coming and going. This same thing happens at coffee shops, which I also enjoy going to. I also found myself there due to me being an avid watcher of the game of Cricket and a game between South Africa and Pakistan was taking place at that moment. So with a good Jack Black Ale, a thumping game of Cricket, and my Tablet at hand, I started writing my novel, All Roads Lead To Roam.

I had some initial ideas for the story and set in motion to get those thoughts out first. Now for some reason I used a website called lettercount.com to measure my progress, unwittingly thinking I was cruising on quite nicely and rather quickly in reaching the 50,000 letter goal. Yes I know, it is rather embarrassing to mention it but that’s OK, we don’t even know each other, yet, and I strive to be an honest oke. So later that night I was back at home finishing off my day’s writing, still figuring where I was going with the story, where to place my characters in the story and generally wondering what I was going to write. I updated my word count on the NaNo site before heading to bed and was at a count of about 10,000 or so, and feeling very chuffed with my fantastic progress. I was a natural at this, a maven, the world had to know about me! I would complete this challenge within a week!

Then I woke up at around 8am, did my washing, including my bedding, and got to writing at around 11am. I started writing again and finally got into the groove of the fledgling and ever expanding story. Then it hit me like something that hits you really hard when you come to realise the truth of something which you previously had all wrong, I had been counting the letters and not the words. So then I was somewhere at around a 1000 words instead of the 10,000 which I had thought I had written. How could I have been so naive? So stupid? Fortunately for me I have learnt to take such things in my stride. I shrugged that off and then really got into it. This “accident” and subsequent realisation actually made what Nanorwrimo is all about, real to me. As of now I am thoroughly enjoying the challenge of getting the actual amount of words out for the day, with the story taking shape and gaining a life of its own. What will happen during this coming week is another story, as I am dreading its coming due to the busyness¬†of work, but I will take it on as I have taken on worst things than this, an account of a Dragon comes to mind, but that is a story for another time.