You Are Here and Here Be Dragons

Categories: Thoughts

Howdy traveller, welcome to the Frontier. This is the first post on my new website and I hope to get things settled soon with updates on the progress of my writing projects.

I will be releasing my debut book of poems within the month, which is the first volume in a five volume series of books called “Thoughts Discovered”. This volume is called “Love, Adventure and Other Noble Quests” and stands alone by itself but also forms a greater story along with the other books. The five volumes were initially compiled to be released as one book but due to its large size and the laborious process of revision and editing I opted rather to release them in smaller, more easily digestible, volumes. This way I can perhaps get others interested in my work by offering something small yet with a bigger goal in mind. The book will sell for around $8, with the ebook version being available for free.

So with that said, I will, hopefully, publish “Love, Adventure and Other Noble Quests” by the end of October 2013.

I hope you will join me in this adventure.

Here’s to fair winds and good times ahead.

– S.Tarr